August 27, 2019

NEW Client Win: EARS PLC chooses Grasshopper To Increase Online Awareness

by Matt Thorpe in Blog

New Client WIN: EARS Plc Two-way Radios

I am excited to be working with EARS Plc, a UK leader in the hire of two-way radios and event communication systems. With over 20 years in the world of walkie-talkies under its belt, EARS specialises in providing custom communications for sports events, film sets, security staff (retail, private, business, events, etc) and also provides two-way radio systems to some of the UK’s leading music venues and festivals.

How I will be helping EARS PLC

EARS have employed my digital marketing services to boost their search visibility and to grow online enquiries.

After launching a new website, they suffered a drop in their Google rankings, so I will working hard to regain those positions and go further to reach the higher positions. I will be employing various SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques to regain and grow above their previous rankings.

As with any type of marketing, it’s not about volume of traffic to a site. It’s about targeting and attracting the RIGHT audience who require the services of EARS for their event, business premises or team.

I have already undertaken extensive keyword and competitor research to identify immediate many opportunities. I will be using that intelligence to build high-quality content and create greater authority for the EARS PLC website.

Achieving a top Google ranking requires you to become a valuable resource to the people who you are trying to reach. The pages and content you create must serve a purpose, add value and prove expertise. Together with the in-house expertise of EARS, we plan to deliver value to our target audience and gain a strong foothold in the search engines, for the right phrases. This will then generate more business.

You can learn more about London-based EARS PLC and their two-way radio hire services at

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