Looking for 1-2-1 e-commerce coaching or mentoring? 

Maybe someone who has the experience to mentor you and help you to grow your e-commerce business? 

What about someone who actually breaks things down into ‘plain English’?

(If so, click video below or keep reading.)

Ecommerce Coach Matt Thorpe

If you found yourself nodding to all of those then you’re in the right place.

My name is Matt Thorpe and I’ve been providing e-commerce coaching to businesses of all shapes and sizes for the past 17 years. 

To date, I have worked with, and mentored 150+ ecommerce businesses. There’s been a great mix of start-ups, medium-sized stores and international players. 

Some came to me for e-commerce coaching and others came to me for help on the digital marketing side, like SEO, attracting more website visitors, email marketing and improving on-site conversion. 

Ultimately, they all had one thing in common. They wanted to grow their sales. 

That is where my expertise exists. 

Whether you want to launch a new e-commerce business, grow the sales of your existing ecommerce store, or drive more revenue from your existing customers, I can help you. 

Ecommerce Coaching UK - Matt Thorpe

Why choose me to coach you?

  • I’ve helped grow e-commerce businesses from the ground up to 6-figures 
  • I am commercially-focused
  • I’ve run my own businesses (so I get my hands dirty)
  • I’ve coached e-commerce businesses in all sectors
  • I love teaching business owners how to execute effective e-commerce strategies
  • I can save you a ton of time and money through the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t
  • I’ve made the mistakes and learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

E-commerce businesses I have helped

Jack Wills Ecommerce Coaching UK
Ann Summers Ecommerce Coaching UK
Scribbler Ecommerce Coaching UK
Redber Ecommerce Coaching UK
Hanro Ecommerce Coaching UK
Rapport Ecommerce Coaching UK
Cloth House Ecommerce Coaching UK
Tiger Specs Ecommerce Coaching UK

What my clients say about my e-commerce coaching

Areas of digital & e-commerce I coach on

  • E-commerce store traffic generation (SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads) 
  • On-site conversion (Getting people to buy)
  • Customer and brand loyalty (Driving sales through email marketing)
  • Store usability (How people interact with your store and find what they need)
  • Content Strategy (How to keep people engaged so they love your brand)

Benefit from my experience & knowledge

Running a successful online store is more than just setting up a shop. It’s about:

  • Getting the right people to your store
  • Catching their attention
  • Earning their trust
  • Making them want to own your products
  • Keeping them loyal

Most e-commerce stores fail at 3 of these. I will work with you to ensure you have all 5 bases covered so your store converts and grows rapidly.

My e-commerce coaching and mentoring starts at £95 + vat per hour. Packages are available if you want to book more time. 

Ecommerce Course

Ready to get started with some e-commerce coaching? 

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Coaching not for you? Why not check out my beginners e-commerce course?

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E-commerce Coaching FAQs

How can your e-commerce coaching help my online store? 

My coaching can help you to rapidly grow the sales of your e-commerce store. Not only that, I can help you to save money, run your business more efficiently and avoid the mistakes that so many online businesses make. 

I’m certainly not saying that I know everything but I’ve worked with enough businesses, selling lots of different products to know how to make people buy your products. 

Who is your e-commerce coaching for? 

I coach businesses of all shapes and sizes. I also coach e-commerce business owners and their staff. It doesn’t matter. If you sell online then I can teach you how to do it more effectively. 

Do you have an e-commerce coaching program? 

You can hire me for one-to-one e-commerce coaching or you can purchase my beginners e-commerce course to learn at your own pace. My course includes 25 lessons jam-packed with a ton of e-commerce learnings to help you increase online sales and get results for your business. No fluff, just proven e-commerce strategies that I’ve proven to work with my own clients. 

What does your e-commerce coaching cover?

My coaching is completely tailored based on your business, where you are and what you want to achieve. Once I understand your current situation, I will then provide the most appropriate advice to get you quick results that last. To be clear, I don’t cut corners. I help e-commerce businesses to grow, not chase a ‘fast buck’.