Vilcol – SEO Client Case Study development March 16, 2023

Vilcol – SEO Client Case Study

Who are Vilcol?

Vilcol has been a leading people and debtor tracing agency in the UK for over thirty years, working with worldwide credit and charge card companies, banks, finance companies, utilities, local and national government. While they are an established name in their industry, their digital presence did not reflect the breadth of their expertise. Therefore, they contacted us for help with expanding their online brand awareness and increasing the number of inbound leads for their people and debtor tracing services. 

The SEO Strategy

We were brought on board to increase the number of enquiries Vilcol had for people tracing, debtor tracing, process servers, and private investigations. The first step of any successful SEO campaign is a thorough website audit. By auditing Vilcol’s digital presence, we were able to benchmark where they were in comparison to their competitors and weaknesses in the site. We also pinpointed immediate conversion improvements and identified missed opportunities. This enabled us to create a tailor-made organic SEO strategy for Vilcol to grow its online footprint. 

The next step was in-depth keyword exploration, which enabled us to identify the keywords and phrases that a target customer was using to find one of Vilcol’s services. This involved researching the marketplace, and backward-engineering competitors to understand how they were attracting visitors to their sites. Once we understood this, it was possible to create an SEO strategy that positioned Vilcol in front of their competitors for those keywords. 

After establishing our list of target phrases, we set to work on improving the depth and authority of content on the Vilcol website and creating fresh, keyword-rich content that would drive enquiries. This involved the formation of completely new landing pages, niche blog content, customer case studies, and a more authoritative approach format for existing pages. 

Running alongside the ongoing content creation was a link outreach campaign that involved building relationships with relevant sites to secure inbound links. Quality links are a key measure of authority for Google so it was important that we acquired links that were legitimate, relevant, and fully within Google’s guidelines.      

Finally, we also worked on enhancing Vilcol’s website design to improve conversion. We always tell our clients that rankings alone do not pay the bills. Enquiries and confirmed sales do. 

Finally, to support the SEO strategy, we also ran a Google AdWords campaign, which enabled us to increase inbound leads until our SEO efforts had kicked in. Google Adwords also enables us to be more strategic and test the demand for certain keywords or services. If keywords convert well, then we adapt our SEO strategy to target those also. 

The Results

We started working with Vilcol in April of 2020, and since then we have seen:

  • 207% increase in their ranked keywords (a.k.a Digital Footprint)
  • 140% increase in organic traffic
  • 7 x Keywords ranked in 1st position on Google
  • 29 x Keywords ranked in the top 3 on Google
  • 81 x Keywords ranked on page 1 on Google

Vilcol have seen a year on year increase in revenue between 18 – 25% since working with us.