Grasshopper puts Passmores 1st on Google + 100% Increase in Customer Enquires  Matt Thorpe October 13, 2023

Grasshopper puts Passmores 1st on Google + 100% Increase in Customer Enquires 

Campaign Overview

  • Ranked in 1st position for 86 keywords
  • Ranked in top 3 positions for 204 keywords
  • No.1 for Timber Garages (5,600 monthly searches)
  • No.1 for Timber Frame Garage (3,900 monthly searches)
  • No.1 for Garage Kits (1,420 monthly searches)
  • No.1 for Carriage Houses (1,800 monthly searches)
  • No.1 for Wooden Outbuilding (1,200 monthly searches)
  • No.1 for flat pack garage (1,000 monthly searches)
  • No.1 for Timber Outbuildings (800 monthly searches)
  • No.1 for Garage with Workshop (1,000 monthly searches)
  • No.1 for Workshop Garage (800 monthly searches)
  • No.2 for Wooden Garage (5,000 monthly searches)

Who are Passmores?

Passmores is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of Timber Garages, Carriage Houses, Cart Lodges, Sheds and Cricket Pavilions. The Kent-based company came to Grasshopper for a second time after losing their organic rankings on Google and needing to increase their website traffic using our Kent-based SEO agency. Their pay-per-click (PPC) ad spend was high and their old website wasn’t converting visitors into paying customers. Leads were drying up. We met Passmores’ boss Stuart Slaughter to discuss these issues and to talk through his objectives which included focusing on timber garages, timber carriage houses and the kit-only versions of each.

The SEO strategy:

Grasshopper implemented it’s digital marketing expertise by first carrying out a detailed SEO audit into Passmores, to understand why the site wasn’t performing, which keywords it was ranking for, what content it lacked and to identify new ranking opportunities. Once we had this data, we found that the site was struggling to convert, both on mobile and desktop. This was a limitation of the existing website and we decided it was costing Passmores opportunities. The audit gave us real insight into the areas that weren’t working and enabled us to form a robust strategy to push forward and ‘muscle in’ on competitor rankings. Based on our recommendation, the decision was taken to build a new website with a mobile-first approach. This meant that, unlike many websites, the site was specifically designed to display all information perfectly on mobile devices and load fast. We worked in partnership with Kent-based web design specialists Comtecs on the project. EO audit and keyword research uncovered many opportunities where Passmores could rank for multiple terms – ‘timber garages’, ‘carriage house’ and ‘sports pavilions’ which would increase the chance of more people finding the website. This is the bread-and-butter business for Passmores and is now the main focus of our work. To ensure we covered as many bases as possible, we studied most of the top competitors to understand what keywords or phrases they were ranking for and what pages on their site were the most powerful. This gave us the benchmark to beat. Once the target keywords were identified, it was time to revamp the content across the site to become more detailed, authoritative and target semantic phrases. Most sites fail to focus on quality content which is why they struggle to rank highly and stay ranked highly. Passmores sell different styles of timber buildings, so we wanted to create pages that:
  • Present the products in a user-friendly format, particularly on mobile
  • Provide detailed information about the products
  • Display easy-to-navigate galleries
  • Provide price lists for people to download
  • Provide brochures for people to read later
  • Explain about the delivery and construction of the buildings
  • Answer as many possible questions a customer would ask
  • Tick the majority boxes.
Once the pages were built, we then worked on the linking side, inbound (securing links to the Passmores site from external websites) and internal (linking between different pages within the Passmores site). Google loves links and there were plenty to be had here.

The results:

The ranking results achieved for Passmores are:
  • Ranked in 1st position for 86 keywords
  • Ranked in top 3 positions for 204 Keywords
  • No.1 for Timber Garages 
  • No.1 for Sports Pavilions
  • No.1 for Carriage House Kits
  • No.1 for Timber Garage Prices
  • No.1 for Garage Kits
  • No.1 for Timber Garage Design
In addition, the site is now performing as follows vs 2019:
  • Leads and enquiries up over 100% – During a Covid-19 pandemic, this is something we are really proud of.
  • 196% in website visitors – Greater Google exposure and smarter PPC campaigns.
  • 204% increase in organic visitor traffic – This shows we have hit many top positions
  • 268.8% increase in mobile visitors – This shows mobile-first strategy is paying off.
  • 183% increase in page views (235% on mobile) – This shows greater engagement on the site
  • 12% increase in time spent on site (13% on mobile) – Interactive Garage-builder tool is working
  • 15% decrease in bounce rate – We now have the right audience who are engaged by the improved design when they land on the site.
Here’s Managing Director, Stuart Slaughter’s verdict:
“I’m delighted with what Grasshopper has achieved for us in terms of generating leads in our timber garages and cricket pavilions through our website. Grasshopper’s extensive digital know-how never fails to surprise me and to get the results we have is fantastic. They delivered 100% on what they said they would do.”