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(No fluff. No jargon. I will get you PAGE 1 Google search rankings for your business in West Sussex & attract the RIGHT visitors who will buy your products & services.)

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Happy SEO Surrey Customers

100+ Happy Customers

20 Years SEO Experience

20+ Years Proven Experience

Sales Focus Approach to SEO

Sales Focused Approach to SEO

Ranked 1st in Google Search

Ranked my own site 1st in Google

I’m a proven West Sussex SEO specialist that delivers results! 
I've used my SEO skills to rank 1st in Google for 8 years

Hi there, I’m Matt, – a straight-talking Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant in West Sussex, with a refreshing approach to online – A.K.A I DON’T DO FLUFF!

For the past 20 years (Yup, I’ve been around a bit!), I’ve been helping businesses to grow their sales by using SEO and various marketing techniques. I usually offer SEO management but can also provide SEO consulting, SEO for ecommerce, and SEO training, if companies want to do it in-house. 

With 100+ businesses under my belt, including some many UK brands, I’d like to think I can help you too. 

Proven SEO Results for your Surrey business

I have helped 100+ business to grow their visitor traffic, but more importantly, their sales!

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Our sales-focused SEO skills in action 


Passmores is a 110-year-old, UK timber garage manufacturer. They came to Grasshopper for help to grow their enquiries and sales of garages, barns, and carriage house kits. We used a combination of SEO (Keywords, Content & Links) with Paid Search to deliver results and establish Passmores as the industry leader in the UK. 

Passmores SEO services client


  • Leads and enquiries up over 180%
  • 135% increase in orders 
  • 9-months confirmed orders 
  • 196% increase in website visitors
  • 204% increase in organic visitor traffic
  • 268.8% increase in mobile visitors
  • Ranked in 1st position for 86 keywords
  • Ranked in top 3 positions for 204 keywords

1st Aid Repairs

1st Aid Repairs needed the help of our SEO agency to increase the number of camera repair enquiries and to reduce the costs from their existing lead generation company. We revamped the website with SEO-friendly content, optimised the pages around specifically-targeted keywords, and built links to establish industry authority. 

1st Aid Repairs SEO services client


  • 250+% increase in repair enquiries
  • Cancelled another lead gen service & made significant cost-savings 
  • 17 x position 1 rankings
  • 37 x top 3 rankings
  • 1st for Panasonic camera repairs (above Panasonic)
  • 1st for Lumix camera repair (above Panasonic Lumix)
  • 1st for Pentax camera repairs (above Pentax)
  • 1st for camera repair lens
  • 1st for camcorder repair
  • 2nd for camera repair

Abbey Locksmiths

Abbey Locks is a well-established locksmith covering Hertfordshire and North London. We executed a local SEO strategy using localised content and links to dominate the towns where Abbey wanted to grow bookings for their locksmith services.

Abbey Locks SEO services client


  • 160% increase in enquiries 
  • 68 x Position 1 rankings
  • 42 130 x top 3 rankings
  • 176 x page 1 rankings
  • 1st for Locksmith Luton
  • 1st for Locksmith NW1, N3, W9, N13, NE3, N19, NW8, NW9 and NW2)
  • 1st for Locksmith St Albans
  • 1st for Locksmith Watford

Are you sick of SEO Cowboys?

Don’t panic. I’m here to help and I’ve got proven results.

Let me guess. You’ve probably been;
  • Stung for lots of money by an SEO company before?
  • Told by a flashy SEO agency this search engine malarky is a secret science?
  • Burned by previous SEO ’specialists’ (ha, ha) who didn’t deliver results?
  • Convinced that Search Engine Optimisation is a load of old codswallop!
I get it.
I’ve heard this SEO horror story time and time again.
Most people I speak to roll their eyes when I mention SEO, organic ranking or Search Engine Optimisation.
Just give me 2 minutes and let me try to change your mind.
Are you sick of SEO agency cowboys?

There are lots of services that offer SEO in West Sussex, so why choose mine?

(Simple Answer: Because I will literally jump through fire to improve your SEO and get you more paying customers.) 

I will jump through fire to get you ranked at the top on page 1 search results

Ever heard the phrase ‘Drive for show, putt for dough”?

This popular golfing phrase illustrates that hitting the ball a long way doesn’t win you tournaments. It’s the same with SEO.

Getting lots of visitors to your website doesn’t pay the bills. Converting them into business does! 

My approach to SEO is not just about increasing visitor traffic. I focus on traffic that delivers bookings, leads and sales for my clients. 

Many other SEO agencies or SEO consultants are good at all the search engine optimisation wizardry but they don’t understand the commercial side of a business.

Firstly, the visitors who visit your website need to be the right ones, otherwise it’s a complete waste of time. Secondly, your website must convert those people into paying customers. If it doesn’t then the entire SEO effort is wasted.



In short, I make sure your website will convert first and then I bring you the right people who want to buy what you sell.

It’s not rocket science but it’s one that many so-called SEO experts struggle to get their head around. Get it right and your business can flourish and sales can grow from organic Google traffic alone.

I also like to keep things simple. I’m straight-talking, explain everything in plain English and deliver results.

Get Your West Sussex Business Ranked With My Proven SEO Formula

How I’ve ranked my own site 1st on Google for the past 9 years

My own site has ranked in 1st place in Google for ‘Internet Marketing Consultant’ and ‘Internet Marketing Consultant London’, for the past 9 years.

No, I didn’t manage that from a beach in some exotic, far-flung region of the world. I did that from my humble home office at my home in West Sussex. I also did it against some very stiff competition.

To get there, I didn’t do anything under-handed or dabble with the ‘dark arts’. I didn’t invest in any special software, black hat techniques or cheats.

I just combined Google’s best practice SEO guidelines, some clever techniques, along with a dash of hard work to beat the competition and get my site ranked. I’m a fully transparent SEO service so I can tell you how I did it and how I can do it for your West Sussex business.

My SEO approach

Step 1

SEO Audit

The SEO Audit

No SEO strategy works unless you know where you are currently, so I kick things off by running an SEO audit on your site. I want to see what you are ranking for, what’s working and what’s not working. I will find out why your business is not ranking well in West Sussex.

Step 2

Find your right SEO keywords

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO strategy. Ignore it and your SEO adventure will end in failure. Do it right and it opens up the door for rapid growth! I will find out what keywords and phrases your West Sussex customers are using to find your services. 

Step 3

Create SEO Optimised Content

Content Creation

Once you have your target keywords, it’s time to create your new content. You can’t optimise your website for search engines unless you have great content. This is where we create the answers, solution and information that your customers are looking for. 

Step 4

Content Optimisation

Keyword & Content Optimisation

Next step is the actual search engine optimisation stage. We add the search-content and target keywords to your site. If you want to rank in West Sussex specifically, then we will use a more localised approach.

Step 5

SEO Link Building

Link & Authority Building

Now your site is in good shape, we start to build relationships with other sites that will link and boost your authority. We may also create additional content that makes your site more ‘linkable’. If you want to rank locally then we will build relationships with other relevant sites in West Sussex.

Step 6

Find SEO Opportunities

Find Ongoing Opportunities 

We never take our foot of the gas. We are always looking for fresh keyword opportunities to rank and attract customers to your website, in West Sussex and beyond. 

Need Local SEO Services? 

We’re up there with the best SEO in West Sussex

If you are a local West Sussex business and you want to attract more local customers, then we need to talk. I can help your local SEO and get you ranked 1st on Google if your business is based in East Grinstead, Crawley, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Worthing, Burgess Hill, Arundel or Chichester. The strategy might be slightly different but the principles are the same. 

Local SEO works slightly differently to normal organic SEO because it’s about about reputation on a local scale.

It calls for a more targeted approach. Your website needs to become a local authority. So, in your case, you would need to show Google that you are the trusted source for your sector in West Sussex, as well as your local town or village.

A localised SEO strategy can help you to dominate your competition and get to the top of local searches for your products and services more quickly. 

What’s more, Google serves up search results  the local Google My Business listings (also called the 3-Pack) which is the spot where your business needs to be. 

My expertise in local SEO can help you get into the 3-pack and grow your business.

Get in touch now to request your FREE Local SEO Audit for West Sussex.

SEO Agency West Sussex


SEO is certainly not a waste of money. Executed in the right way, it can be a very effective form of marketing.

It’s true, search engine optimisation has a bad rep in many instances. This is mainly due to the number of SEO companies promising unrealistic results for businesses and charging them silly amounts like $100 a month.

SEO is not a dark art, it’s a skill. It needs a structured approach and must be delivered in the right way. There are no cutting corners. If you cut corners then SEO will not work. Done in the right way, you’ll reap the rewards.

Do you want to pay Google and Facebook to get visitors to your website? No? Didn’t think so.

SEO is your sure-fire way to bring a constant flow of traffic to your website. Get it right and there really is no end to the amount of business you can generate. The important thing to remember is that you can attract people at different stages of buying. You can reach people who do not even know that they need your products and service yet. It’s your way to get on their radar and open up new opportunities

Google is looking for websites that provide the right answers, products and services for what people are searching for. It’s that simple.

A website that, is search engine optimised, works by providing the right information to the right people. We aim to do this across many different queries and keywords so you can cover as many bases as possible.

We provide high-quality content that contains the right keywords, phrases and context to appear for searches your customers use. THAT is how we get results.

Yes, you can 100% trust in my service. I understand how people research and shop, I understand search engines and I understand the rules Google sets that we must adhere to. I don’t implement any ‘black hat’ techniques that may harm your website or your search ranking.

I’ve built my reputation on doing things in the right way and I don’t believe in cutting corners.

SEO results can be fast and we focus on the quick wins or low hanging search terms first. The speed of success is often dependent on the industry, the difficulty of the keywords we go after and the amount of work that we need to do on your site. Provided we can move quickly on getting your website optimised, you should start seeing positive results within 2-3 months.

Our SEO packages start at £1,000 + vat per month. The level if investment really depends on your objectives and how much work is required to get things moving. We will always front-load work

All our SEO packages run on a 12-month agreement. SEO is ongoing and we need to make sure that we take advantage of new opportunities as we find them.

If you want to know the opportunities search engine optimisation can deliver to your business, get in touch and request your free SEO audit.

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