SEO Client Case Study: Prestige Fire Safety Matt Thorpe March 25, 2024

SEO Client Case Study: Prestige Fire Safety

SEO Case Study 

  • Ranked in 1st position for 37 keywords
  • Ranked in top 3 positions for 66 keywords
  • No.1 for fire door survey 
  • No. 1 for fire safety company 
  • No.1 for fire risk assessment 
  • No.1 for Fire door Installation 
  • No 1. for passive fire safety solutions cambridgeshire
  • No. 1 for Annual fire risk assessment Cambridge
  • No. 1 for Ansul fire suppression system Cambridge 
  • No.2 for fire alarm inspection Cambridge

Read the case study below to see how we did it. 

Who are Prestige Fire Safety?

Prestige are fire safety and security experts, protecting homes and businesses across the Cambridgeshire area by offering fire alarm installation, passive fire safety measures, and security alarm installations.

Prestige contacted Grasshopper to help them increase their online presence and grow their website authority. Prestige wanted to dominate the Cambridge and Cambridgeshire area, and knew they needed specialist help to do so.   

hand presses the trigger fire extinguisher available in fire emergencies conflagration damage background. Safety

What we did

The Digital Audit

To improve Prestige’s web authority and online presence, the first thing we did was conduct a full and detailed SEO audit. This allowed us to examine the gaps in Prestige’s current website by identifying missing keywords, any problems with their website, and where added content would be beneficial.  

For Prestige this SEO audit showed a number of weak service pages that were not ranking on the first page of Google search results, nor hitting some pivotal key words. We also found that the layout of their website was confusing for some visitors, impacting its engagement and therefore their customer enquiries.

We also conducted a thorough competitor analysis to gauge where Prestige were ranking in comparison to other players in their industry, and to see how we could outrank them on their home turf.  

The SEO strategy

Once we had identified the problem areas in Prestige’s current website, we were able to formulate a SEO strategy to combat them. We began by revamping the landing page to ensure both that we hit those missing keywords and to create a more pleasing layout that was much easier to navigate. 

Over the course of 3-6 months, Grasshopper rewrote all of Prestige’s key service pages across fire and security services to help them rank for both areas. As Prestige are stationed in Cambridge, our focus here was on creating targeted local service pages for Cambridge and the surrounding area rather than the UK as a whole. This focus helps increase enquiries by targeting the people who want fire safety services in Cambridge in particular. 

Another branch of our SEO strategy is competitor research. Comparing against the competition revealed gaps in Prestige’s current content, and where this could be improved. Keeping up with competitors is an ongoing process for any business, and so to battle this we have an ongoing content strategy. For Prestige, this involves writing fresh blog posts and regularly posting customer case studies that hit our targeted keywords. 

The Results

The results speak for themselves and Prestige continues to be a client of Grasshopper. We have just celebrated our 2-year anniversary.