Get more high-ticket sales enquiries.
We're a sales-focused SEO Agency that will fire up your inbound sales leads.
We're an SEO agency that will deliver between 30-150 inbound sales to businesses with high-ticket products and services. If we don't deliver, you'll get your money back!

We’re not your typical SEO agency. We don’t do fluffy awards, send meaningless reports, pay lip service, or use pointless buzzwords.

We don’t really like the word ‘agency’. We like to avoid the jargon and get to the point.

You deserve to work with a team that get’s under the skin of your business to find those little game-changing nuggets that will deliver growth. That’s us.

We have a proven track record in finding those lucrative opportunities, attracting more qualified leads, and helping our clients to grow their sales.

We understand sales, profit, and return on investment. Rankings alone do not pay the bills. Sales do.

Let us show you what we’re all about and how we can ‘crank up’ your company’s qualified inbound leads.

(Sorry start-ups, we’re not for you)

Our SEO & Digital Marketing Expertise

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Our SEO Services

Organic SEO: Drive Sales Growth

Tailor-made SEO strategies to increase your sales organically. This is growth that will stick!

SEO Audits: Identify Weaknesses & Unlock Sales Opportunities

We use our in depth SEO audits to pinpoint opportunities and help fire up your rankings

Local SEO: Dominate Your Town Or County

Want to be number one in your area? We have you covered. Our Local SEO strategies will drive sales in your town or county

Strategic SEO Consulting: Out-smart Your Competitors & Identify New Sales Niches

Our targeted SEO strategies are created with your business in mind, and our expert consultants are always on hand to help.

Our SEO Expertise


Passmores Timber Garages

  • Leads and enquiries up over 180%
  • 135% increase in orders
  • 9-months confirmed orders
  • 196% increase in website visitors
  • 204% increase in organic visitor traffic
  • 268.8% increase in mobile visitors
  • Ranked in 1st position for 86 keywords
  • Ranked in top 3 positions for 204 keywords


  • 200+ Monthly Enquiries
  • 207% increase in their ranked keywords (a.k.a Digital Footprint)
  • 140% increase in organic traffic
  • 7 x Keywords ranked in 1st position on Google
  • 29 x Keywords ranked in the top 3 on Google
  • 81 x Keywords ranked on page 1 on Google
seo case study rankings results

1st Aid Repairs

  • 250+% increase in repair enquiries
  • Cancelled another lead gen service & made significant cost-savings
  • 17 x position 1 rankings
  • 37 x top 3 rankings
  • 1st for Panasonic camera repairs (above Panasonic)
  • 1st for Lumix camera repair (above Panasonic Lumix)
  • 1st for Pentax camera repairs (above Pentax)
  • 1st for camera repair lens
  • 1st for camcorder repair
  • 2nd for camera repair

Written by humans

SEO content - Written by humans, not AI

When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that the content on your website has been carefully and expertly written by humans. 

In a digital world awash with AI generated writing and lazy shortcuts, we want to make sure that your site becomes the leader in your space and stays there. The only sure-fire way to do this is to ensure your website content has a human touch. You can’t cheat your way to the top, and while AI may seem enticing, Google is always one step ahead. It will eventually flag and punish your site once it detects the use of AI’s voice. Content written by humans has a cadence and authority that AI just can’t mimic. With us, you get that human touch, and we never compromise our client’s businesses.

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There’s no hard sell here. To be honest, we only work with businesses where we know we can add value. We will review the footprint of your SEO and tell you where the low-hanging fruit is.