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Finally, an SEO company that’s straight-talking and deliver’s results.

Are you a looking for trusted & proven SEO Services in Kent?

Are you struggling to gain exposure in the search engines, either locally or nationally?

Maybe you’ve been stung before by SEO cowboys and just want an agency with proven expertise?

If any of those are you, then you’re in the right place. 

Are you tired of SEO agencies that don't deliver?

We understand. We’re here to help and we have proven results.

Let us guess. You’ve probably been:
  • Stung for lots of money by an SEO company before?
  • Told by a flashy SEO agency that search engine marketing is a secret science?
  • Previously burned by so-called “SEO experts” who didn’t deliver results?
  • Convinced that Search Engine Optimisation is a waste of time
We get it.

Unfortunately, we hear this SEO horror story far too often.

Our refreshing approach to SEO offers you full transparency into the work we do. We won’t try to confuse you with jargon, baffled you with science or present overly complicated reports. We won’t waste your time with fluff either.

We have a tried-and-tested approach to SEO that works. We tailor our strategy to your business to drive more sales.

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Our SEO services include

SEO website audit

First off, we audited the website to find out what was and wasn’t working. This was key because we wanted a first platform to build on not a leaky bucket. New website build – We agreed that building a new mobile-first website was the best way forward because Passmore’s was struggling to rank and convert leads from mobile. Together with our Kent web development partners, Comtecs, we worked on a new website that was faster and mobile-friendly.

Keyword Research

A key foundation of SEO is keyword research. This is basically market research that identifies what customers are searching for in the search engines. It forms the SEO strategy and enables you to create the right content and optimise the site in the right way. In this instance, Passmores already had a strong SEO presence in Kent so they wanted to branch out to gain exposure across the UK for more targeted terms like Wooden Garages UK (which they are now ranked number 1!)

Technical On-site SEO

We optimised the new website with the right keywords, made it loaded fast and made sure that all internal links were in the right place. Importantly, we ensured there were no broken links. Google doesn’t like websites with broken links.

SEO-friendly Content Creation

We completely revamped the content of the Passmores site to create high-quality content that designed to help customers make buying decisions. The content was also focused around what they were searching for, a.k.a key ‘money terms’ that would drive sales.

Link Building

Google loves links! Links are key for SEO. That’s we place huge importance on building links on and to our client’s website. We improved the internal link structure of the site and make sure Google understood the hierarchy of the site pages.

Written by humans

When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that the content on your website has been carefully and expertly written by humans. In a digital world awash with AI generated writing and lazy shortcuts, we want to make sure that your site becomes the leader in your space and stays there. The only sure-fire way to do this is to ensure your website content has a human touch. You can’t cheat your way to the top, and while AI may seem enticing, Google is always one step ahead. It will eventually flag and punish your site once it detects the use of AI’s voice. Content written by humans has a cadence and authority that AI just can’t mimic. With us, you get that human touch, and we never compromise our client’s businesses.

Our sales-focused SEOskills in action



Passmores is a 110-year-old, UK timber garage manufacturer, based in Kent. They came to Grasshopper for help to grow their enquiries and sales of garages, barns, and carriage house kits. We used a combination of SEO (Keywords, Content & Links) with Paid Search to deliver results and establish Passmores as the industry leader in the UK

  • Leads and enquiries up over 180%
  • 135% increase in orders
  • 9-months confirmed orders
  • 196% increase in website visitors
  • 204% increase in organic visitor traffic
  • 268.8% increase in mobile visitors
  • Ranked in 1st position for 86 keywords
  • Ranked in top 3 positions for 204 keywords
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1st Aid Repairs

Kent-based 1st Aid Repairs, needed the help of our SEO agency to increase the number of camera repair enquiries and to reduce the costs from their existing lead generation company. We revamped the website with SEO-friendly content, optimised the pages around specifically targeted keywords, and built links to establish industry authority.

  • 250+% increase in repair enquiries
  • Cancelled another lead gen service & made significant cost-savings
  • 17 x position 1 rankings
  • 37 x top 3 rankings
  • 1st for Panasonic camera repairs (above Panasonic)
  • 1st for Lumix camera repair (above Panasonic Lumix)
  • 1st for Pentax camera repairs (above Pentax)
  • 1st for camera repair lens
  • 1st for camcorder repair
  • 2nd for camera repair

Abbey Locksmiths

Abbey Locks is a well-established locksmith covering Hertfordshire and North London. We executed a local SEO strategy using localised content and links to dominate the towns where Abbey wanted to grow bookings for their locksmith services.

  • 160% increase in enquiries
  • 68 x Position 1 rankings
  • 42 130 x top 3 rankings
  • 176 x page 1 rankings
  • 1st for Locksmith Luton
  • 1st for Locksmith NW1, N3, W9, N13, NE3, N19, NW8, NW9 and NW2)
  • 1st for Locksmith St Albans
  • 1st for Locksmith Watford
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Drive for show, putt for dough

This phrase keeps us grounded. Like in golf, the only thing that counts is the final result. We don’t believe in vanity metrics. We believe in real results that deliver sales and growth for our clients. That is what you’re paying us for, and that is what we deliver. Our clients invest their hard-earned money in us to get results. We approach every project with this in mind. 

Our clients invest their hard-earned money in us to get results. We approach every project with this in mind.

Getting lots of visitors to your site doesn’t pay the bills: converting them into business does.

Our approach to SEO is not just about increasing visitor traffic. We focus on traffic that delivers bookings, leads, and sales for our clients.

Many other SEO agencies are good at all the search engine optimisation wizardry, but they don’t understand the commercial side of the business.

They overlook two vital elements that ensure SEO success:


Visitors who come to your site need to be the right ones, otherwise you won’t make a sale. Getting people to click on your website is only half the job, and it won’t make you any money.


Your website must convert those people into paying customers. If it doesn’t, the entire SEO effort is wasted.

We not only understand the workings of both SEO and commercial businesses, but we use our knowledge and expertise to bring you sales.

In short, we will make sure your website will not only rank on the 1st page of Google, but that it also attracts the right kinds of customers. People that are looking to buy what you are selling.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s one that many so-called SEO experts struggle to get their head around. Get it right and your business can flourish, and sales can grow from organic Google traffic alone.

Looking for local SEO Services for the Kent area?How we’ve ranked our own site 1st on Google for the past 9 years.

We’re up there with the best in the UK when it comes to national and local SEO.

If you are a business and you want to improve your digital footprint in Kent to attract more local customers, then we need to talk. We can help boost your local SEO and get you ranked 1st on Google if your business is based in Maidstone, Canterbury, Rochester, Gillingham, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Folkstone, Ashford, Dover or Dungeness.

Local SEO works slightly differently to national SEO because it’s about reputation on a local scale. It calls for a more targeted approach. Your website needs to become a local expert authority. So, in your case, you would need to show Google that you are the trusted source for your sector in Kent, as well as your local town or village.

A localised SEO strategy can help you to dominate your competition and get to the top of local searches for your products and services more quickly.

What’s more, Google serves up search results in the local Google My Business listings (also called the 3-Pack) which is the spot where your business needs to be.

Our expertise in local SEO can help you get into the 3-pack in your Kent town, and grow your business.

Get in touch now to request your FREE Local SEO Audit for Kent.

Get in touch now to request your FREE Local SEO Audit for Kent.