Groundworks & Demolition Specialist, Feltham Groundworks chooses Grasshopper Digital for SEO development July 24, 2022

Groundworks & Demolition Specialist, Feltham Groundworks chooses Grasshopper Digital for SEO

We are delighted to announce that we are working with London Feltham Groundworks, a company that specialises in groundworks and demolition services. Grasshopper has been enlisted to help them build their online presence and increase sales through their digital channels. We were approached by Feltham Groundworks because they needed to inject some fresh ideas into their digital activity. They had an existing website but lacked visibility and struggled to attract the right kind of customers.

Feltham Groundworks is a family-owned business that predominantly operates groundworks and demolition services across London and Surrey. They also offer grab hire services. With over 30 years of experience in the demolition and groundworks industry, Feltham has a strong starting point, they just needed a solid SEO foundation for their website to really kick off.

“We chose to work with Grasshopper Digital because of their proven expertise and know-how in the digital marketing field,” said Feltham Groundworks CEO Steve Carr. “We know that in order to grow our business, we need to have a strong website and digital presence to gain visibility. Matt’s team at Grasshopper have the skills to help us with just this. We also liked their straight-talking approach.”

We conducted a website audit and found that the site required greater refinement in terms of target customer and a more targeted SEO strategy to get the desired results. We are now working closely with Feltham Groundworks to optimise the website and get it see by the right type of customer.

Feltham Groundworks is a great fit for us. They’re a great business that understands the online opportunity but lacked the skills in-house. They came to us through a recommendation, which is the best form of marketing. We’re going to employ a proven SEO strategy that has delivered results for many of our clients in the past.