A little bit about me…

Experienced Internet Marketing Consultant

(who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty)

Matt Thorpe - Internet Marketing Consultant

For over 14 years, I have helped companies of all sizes to grow their online businesses just by fixing their problems and providing sensible strategy. Many approach me with very limited budgets so it is even more important that I work with them to implement clever processes to maximise their marketing spend, make them work smarter and grow their sales.

Creating a successful online business is not about how deep your pockets are. It’s about giving your customers what they want, when they want it and then looking after them once you have their trust. This will set you apart from the many companies that are unable to grasp this concept.


How can I help your online business?

My approach is very clear and simple. I will help you to fix problem areas, identify new opportunities to capture sales and implement strategies that will help your business grow. I have a very varied experience so I often employ techniques from other industries to deliver the desired results.

I always explain things in layman’s terms and never use jargon to confuse. My aim is to teach you how to carry your business forward with confidence.

To date, I have helped over 70 companies across the UK to improve their online businesses. My experience includes Jack Wills, Fila, Scribbler, Rampant Sporting, Hanro and Ann Summers. You can view my client & experience CV here.

Proven Experience

The advice I give is honest and direct with a view to achieving results. My knowledge and advice is not just based on text books or theory derived from some self-proclaimed guru. It is based on real life experience and proven methods with some very successful brands.

The key to successful online marketing is about knowing how to apply the most effective marketing techniques that not only meet your business objectives but also your audience, i.e your visitors and the search engines. You can achieve great results in half the time if you know where the opportunities lie, understand what people are searching for, what are the latest search trends and how to target the right type of customers.

I will help you find these opportunities.

I am currently based in Hampton Hill, South-West London but my clients are from all over the UK.

What I’m like without my head stuck in my laptop…

I live and breath technology. I’m a gadget freak that loves to tinker with new toys.

I’m also addicted to coffee, I’m obsessed with TV shows that involve car chases with baddies, I’m at the gym at 7am most mornings and I’m really soppy around dogs. I feel like they understand me and when I grow up I might become a professional Dog Whisperer.

I have a lovely wife called Katy. She’s says my laptop is part of me (and she’s probably right).

I also find ironing quite therapeutic. Random, but true.


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