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SEO Services Surrey - Matt Thorpe
SEO is great but you want sales, bookings and leads too, right?
And haven’t you had enough of SEO cowboys that talk a good game and don’t deliver? (#notonmywatch)
My SEO Services don’t just get you ranked. They are designed to help your business find the RIGHT people who will actually BUY your products & services in the Surrey area.
I’m not just some techie who ‘does SEO’. I’m a commercially-savvy marketer with a focus on converting visitors into paying customers.
After all, paying customers PAYS THE BILLS! 
Get ready for an SEO company that delivers results! 
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I’m Matt Thorpe – a straight-talking digital marketing and SEO consultant based in Surrey, with a refreshing approach to online – A.K.A I DON’T DO FLUFF! For the past 18 years (Yup, I’ve been around a bit!), I’ve been helping businesses to grow their sales by using SEO and digital marketing services. With 100+ businesses under my belt, I’d like to think I can help you too. 

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I work out of my office in Chertsey, Surrey (just inside the M25), so I’m right on your doorstep.

For the record, I’m not a flashy digital agency with snazzy office slides, I don’t do bean bags and I don’t eat sushi every day for lunch. I’ve also never been one for ‘cheesy’ acronyms or confusing lingo either.

I say it how it is. I’m straight-talking and get to the point. 

I don’t believe SEO should be some dark art. SEO is a science but it’s not ‘rocket science’.

I believe in helping small and medium-sized businesses to understand what they need to do to get site visitors to their site that convert. Whilst I provide a managed SEO service, I also want to teach you what you need to do so you can eventually run with it yourself.

It’s something that anybody can learn and I will teach you so you get gain long term rankings yourself. 

NOT AN SEO COWBOY IN SIGHT (I don’t even own a hat!)

Let me guess. You’ve been;
  • Stung for lots of money by an SEO company before?
  • Told that SEO is a secret science?
  • Burned by previous SEO ’specialists’ (ha, ha) who didn’t deliver results?
  • Convince that SEO is a load of old codswallop!
I get it. I’ve heard it time and time again.
Most people I speak to roll their eyes when I mention SEO, organic ranking or Search Engine Optimisation.
Give me 2 minutes and lets me try to change your mind.
There’s 100% FREE SEO advice if you stick with me.
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OK, my approach to SEO is slight different from other companies that sell search engine services. 

I like to keep things simple. I’m straight-talking, explain everything in plain English and deliver results.


The thing is, most agencies or SEO experts only focus on getting you up the search rankings. Yes, yes, I know that’s the point of SEO but what good are rankings if they don’t convert into sales or enquires?






Even the best search engine optimisation is pointless if your business doesn’t get any more sales or or leads from it. The whole point if online marketing is that you are able to grow your business from it.



SEO SERVICES FOR SMALL SURREY BUSINESSES (My no-fluff approach to SEO and improving your rankings)

Whether you’re targeting businesses in Surrey, the UK, or want to branch out to the rest of the world, it doesn’t matter.
I’m focused on getting more sales, orders and leads from your website.
SEO is hugely a powerful way to grow your sales.
This is because it delivers a long-term stream of paying customers, provided you get it right.


The key is to find the RIGHT AUDIENCE for your services and to get in front of them at the RIGHT TIME.

This is how I will go about it:


STEP 1: I will start by identifying your target customers, what they search for and opportunities to get in front of them.


STEP 2: I will then make sure your website is Google-friendly so you can appear for key search terms.


STEP 3: I will ensure your site pages are ready to convert visitors in to orders, bookings or leads.


STEP 4: Next step is to make sure your site’s content is awesome! It should be talking to your potential customers.


STEP 5: From there, we continue to build authority and use various methods to get in front of your audience.


STEP 6: Rinse and repeat step 4 and 5.
Like I said, it’s not rocket science.


It’s about ticking the right boxes and giving your customers what they want.


No SEO cheats or black-hat techniques involved. Everything I do it 100% ethical.


The result is that you would increase your business and my SEO service will easily pay for itself.


My own site has ranked in 1st place in Google for ‘Internet Marketing Consultant’ and ‘Internet Marketing Consultant London’, for the past 9 years.
I didn’t manage that from a beach in some exotic, far-flung region of the world. I did that from my humble bedroom at my home in Surrey. I also did it against some very stiff competition.
To get there, I didn’t do anything under-handed. I didn’t invest in any special software, black hat techniques or cheats.
I just followed the right SEO best practice. I did the right research, laid the right foundations and followed Google best-practice guidelines (which everybody should).
  • I targeted the right audience and I knew what they wanted
  • I found the right SEO keywords
  • I made my site Google-friendly and relevant
  • I continued to make the information on the site better and more informative
  • I gave advice and help in other communities
  • I worked hard to build my reputation
That’s it. Simple eh?

SEO MYTHS (Sorry, Unicorns and Fairies don’t exits)

Let me just clear up a few SEO myths that get banded about far too much.

SEO MYTH 1: You need as many people to your site as possible.

Bullshit! Sorry, but good SEO is not about getting as many visitors as possible. It’s about getting the RIGHT people to your site that will buy from you or book your service. Having 10 people arriving on your site is better than 10,000 if they are guaranteed to buy.

Getting a high level of search traffic (visitors) is just vanity. It’s a bit like having everybody riding in your taxi but nobody is paying the fare.

It just doesn’t work. Pretty soon, you will run out of fuel. You always need focus on getting the right people above everything else.

SEO MYTH 2: I need to appear number 1 for the most popular search terms in my industry

Again, this is utter tosh. Let me give you an example.
If you sell women shoes then the chances of you ranking first for the phrases ‘black ladies shoes’, ‘brown ladies shoes’ or ‘red ladies shoes’ is pretty-much zilch!

I’ll be honest, the larger retail brands probably have this nailed. But that is good news!
However, the changes of you conversion that level of visitors into sales is slim. The broader the phrase or keyword, the worse it is.

It’s much better to rank for some like ‘ladies brown suede ankle boots’. The person searching already knows what they want to buy so you have a better chance of converting them into a sale.
The broader the search phrase the lower the chance of buying. The more specific, the better the chance of buying.

As a brilliant guy called Pat Flynn says, “Riches are in the Niches”. (Yes, he’s American but you get what he’s saying.)

SEO MYTH 3: SEO takes ages to get results

Nope, rubbish. If done the right way, results can happen very quickly. It won’t be over-night but it can be weekly rather than months.

Google wants to show your customers a relevant page that they will like, find useful and act on! That’s as simply as it is.

Give Google what it wants. Give your potential customers what they want.
Your SEO will then work, your page results improve and your customers will buy from you.

SEO MYTH 4: SEO is expensive

Forget the cost for the moment because it shouldn’t be the main focus.

If I can deliver you an extra £20k-30k in sales each month in isn’t it worth investing £2k a month?

And, surely you would have no problem spending more if the results get delivering sales?

I hope you get my point?

I’m not asking you to re-mortgage your home and spend lots of money with me, but you need to treat SEO as an investment in your business.

Unlike paid advertising, SEO is designed to deliver long-term benefits soy don’t need to spend load of money elsewhere. Yes, I would advise to use SEO in combination with some sort of paid search campaign because I want you to get sales.

There is no silver bullet because it all works together BUT I can help you to get results on an affordable budget to suit your business.


MY SURREY SEO HQ IS BASED IN CHERTSEY (I’m literally on your doorstep!)

I run my SEO services from my office in Chertsey, Surrey (just inside the M25), so I’m right on your doorstep.
You can find me here:
Grasshopper Web Consulting
27 Station Road,
KT16 8BE
Telephone: 07789 754 289


I don’t bite and a quick call won’t cost you anything. Give me a call and let’s talk about how I can help your business.


If you are a local business and you want to attract more local customers, then we need to talk about how my local SEO services to deliver this.
Local SEO works slightly differently to normal SEO because it’s about about reputation on a local scale.
Your website needs to become a local authority. You need to show Google that you are the trusted source for your industry in your county, town or village.
A localised SEO strategy can help you to dominate your competition and get to the top of local searches for your products and services.
What’s more, Google has the local Google Business listings (also called the 3-Pack) which is the spot where your business needs to be.
My expertise in local SEO can help you get into the 3-pack and grow your business substantially.
Get in touch now or, get your FREE Local SEO Audit here.


Tell me where you need some help or just say hello!